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Extra Curricular Programme

Several skills and qualities that are instrumental to a child’s holistic development are learnt outside the classroom. Gems Akademia International School has a mandatory extra-curricular programme that fully supports a child’s learning process. The programme has five modules, each of which comprise several activities for different age groups. All students at Gems Akademia pursue different activities under each of the modules, based on their interests.

Sports and Games

Besides nurturing their athletic talents, this module inculcates a spirit of healthy competition and teamwork in students. Qualified trainers and coaches monitor the progress of every child, to ensure that they learn, and excel at, a wide range of sports and games.

Outdoor Activities: Athletics, Swimming, Cricket, Football, Throwball, Volleyball, Kabaddi 

Indoor Activities: Badminton, Billiards, Chess, Squash, Basketball, Table Tennis, Roller Skating

Physical Education: Aerobics, Martial Arts, Yoga, Kalaripayattu

Performing Arts

This module allows students to discover and nurture a creative spirit while learning. An involvement in Performance Arts helps students to increase academic discipline and provide them with a medium for self-expression.

Music: Drums, Guitar, Harmonium, Piano, Singing, Synthesizer, Tabla

Dance: Indian, Western

Theatre & Communication Skills

Creative Interests

Pursuing hobbies and interests is a great way to enhance one’s personality and discover hidden talents. The diverse mix of activities under this module ensures that every child finds something that is of interest to him/her.

Drawing, Gardening, Painting, Boutique Print,

Personality Development

The importance of inter-personal and communication skills cannot be undermined in today’s competitive world. These need to be instilled in a person at a young age as it gets harder to acquire them as we grow older. The offerings under this module prepare students to handle challenging social and professional situations with confidence.

Debate, Elocution, Etiquette Building, Presentation Skills, Public Speaking, Reading, SAT Training, MUN, Special English Class

Service Initiatives

In addition to becoming knowledgeable individuals, it is crucial for children to become responsible adults. Under this module, students are encouraged to put others’ interest before their own and get involved in selfless service for the benefit of those around them.

Community Service, Environmental Protection, Library Assistance, News Board Management, School Magazine