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Director's Message

I have always dreamt of an education system where the child is allowed to develop at his or her own pace surrounded by caring adults and a positive support system. This is a reality in Gems Akademia. Every child is treated as a unique individual and is encouraged to express and share freely his or her thoughts and ideas. Our pupils know that we value their opinion and respect them as pupil. We are a progressive school and we carry along with every pupil and staff members as equal stakeholders. The atmosphere for learning is genial and conducive and learning takes place both inside and outside the classroom. This is only possible because the school is set amidst sylvan surroundings, large greenery and pollution free atmosphere. The child who studies in Gems has the cutting edge advantage because it balances both cutting edge technology in pastoral settings. I am proud to be a part of the Gems family. To me it is the ideal school, the perfect school where body, mind & spirit grow in perfect harmony. This will produce bright young men and women who will take on roles of leadership in this millennium.

At Gems Akademia I have seen the children come laughing to school, learning and growing in the classroom eating happily in the dining room, and learning lessons for life through it all.

The opportunities for growth and development that the boarding offers is unmatchable anywhere! It is my hope that even as in we step into this new Academic Year, all of us, pupils, teachers, staff, parents and indeed, all stakeholders will have opportunities to realize and achieve our fullest potential.


May God bless Gems Akademia.
Warm Regards,

Hilda Peacock