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Health & Transport

Complete peace of mind, to and from school

At Gems Akademia, we know how important it is for you to feel confident of your child's safety and security. With a dedicated school bus service and access to fully-qualified medical personnel, you can be certain that your child is in safe hands at all times.

Medical Care

Gems Akademia has a well-equipped medical dispensary under the control of a fully-qualified nurse. The School has separate Infirmaries for Boys and Girls, a tie up with a local Hospital and it conducts a quarterly medical check up of all students.  All cases of injury or illness receive immediate medical attention. In the unlikely event that specialist medical aid is required, emergency transport is immediately available to take the student to the hospital.

The following medical services are rendered at the School Infirmary:

  • Attending to students who are injured or who become ill while at school, administering first-aid and other emergency nursing care, and arranging for specialized medical attention where the circumstances indicate.
  • Carrying out and following up on medically approved written instructions for care of sick and injured students.
  • Initiating various screening activities along with Doctors to ascertain students’ health appraisals.
  • Providing instructions to learners and parents in subjects such as nutrition, rest and relaxation, communicable diseases and home healthcare.
  • Imparting updated health information and coordinating care with parents, teachers and other health authorities.
  • Maintaining accurate and updated health records of all learners with confidentiality and care.
  • Coordinating with hospitals, first-aid services and other medical facilities.

School Transportation

GAIS aims to provide a high quality, safe and secure transportation service for the students. The students travel with a trained bus monitor and a driver. All transport is regularly maintained for safety. 

Salient features of School Transport:

  • Air conditioned equipped Transport facility across Kolkata & Howrah.
  • Supervised pick up and dispersal is ensured with the help of attendants helping children board/alight the buses.
  • Provision for drinking water and of first aid boxes in the buses.
  • For connectivity with parents, all drivers are provided with mobile phones.
  • New transport routes can be formed on request and feasibility.
  • The Transport Fee needs to be paid from the month a student starts availing school transport. In case of discontinuation of usage of school transport, fees have to be cleared till the respective quarter-end.


To learn more about our school transport services and health services in Kolkata, please don't hesitate to contact our team.