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Curriculum Information

The Gems Akademia’s unique curriculum is a blend of the best in National and International Curriculums and is aligned to current understanding of learning and teaching. It facilitates seamless progress from formative years through schooling to tertiary education while ensuring smooth transition from one curriculum to the other.

The curriculum encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. By exposing students to a wide variety of disciplines, both cognitive and non-cognitive skills are fine-tuned as they prepare for a well-balanced life outside of school.

GAIS offers students a choice between Cambridge International Education (CAIE) and Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE).

Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE)

CAIE is a non-profit organization, and part of the University of Cambridge. It operates in over 160 countries across the globe, and was set up in 1998 to deliver high-quality, leading-edge qualifications that meet the ongoing demands of employers and educators around the world. CIE programmes incorporate the best in international education and are constantly updated and extended in line with changing needs. Affiliated schools receive guidance for curriculum development and classroom teaching and learning.

CAIE’s various programmes are well conceived and aim to develop essential skills in students. At Akademia, we offer the following CAIE programmes:

The Cambridge IGCSE is offered in Grade 9-10. The world’s most popular curriculum for this age group, it encourages learner-centered and enquiry-based approaches to learning.Students can choose from a wide and diverse range of subjects.

The Cambridge International AS/A Levels are offered in Grade 11-12. They provide excellent preparation for university education. Students take AS Level Exams in Grade 11,   and A Level Exams in Grade 12, and can either follow a broad course of study or specialize in a particular area.

For more information on CIE, please visit: www.cambridgeinternational.org

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE)

CISCE was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate. Their curriculum is designed in accordance with the Council’s requirements and emphasizes a broad range of subject areas. Students are required to sit for external sets of examinations in Grades 10 and 12.

The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Examination has been designed to provide a set of exams for students in Grade 10 in a course of general education. All candidates are required to sit for exams in seven subjects.

The Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination is taken by students in Grade 12 after a two year course of studies in their specific area of interest. Candidates are required to sit for exams in six subjects.

For more information on CISCE, please visit: www.cisce.org