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Director Principal's Message

Dear Reader,

My efforts in the field of education have been to ensure holistic development of each child while cruising along their own interests and abilities, in order to realize their true potential. I have been a vociferous advocate of combining this approach with a modern curriculum infused with skills development and technological excellence, to strengthen the child's ability to successfully navigate through the rapidly changing world of the 21st century.
The education today has freed itself from the bars of past autocracy. The new world offers its students an education which applies two way communication, where a student is as much an active participant as the educationist as a teacher. We see the world as a global village. Hence it becomes mandatory for us to provide them with learning opportunities, so that they can place themselves at the helm of all their endeavours, to shape a clear future, articulate Universal values, practice leadership and are always futuristic in approach.

True education is the training of both the head and the heart. We take pride in our efforts towards the unquenchable thirst for perfection. It is with this outlook that we instil the true spirit of leadership, direction, and determination into our learners, making sure that they are future-ready. It is invigorating to nurture young minds to follow these ideals as we firmly and faithfully believe that, if winning is important, the will to prepare is vital. Our motive shines as a milestone not only for those who are in close proximity but also for the members of the global arena of futuristic development.

Warm Regards,

Anit Arora [Director Principal]