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Academic Team

All our teachers participate in ongoing training programmes to ensure that the strategies, methods and resources they use reflect the standards of best practice from around the world.

The Entire GAIS staff has access to professional opportunities that include international placement, training and professional development programmes.

Our teaching staff is very well qualified and is selected for their abilities to create a motivational environment. Energetic and innovative, our team of teachers have a proven track record of motivating students to progress and work to their best levels.


As part of our teaching philosophy, we expect teachers at the school to:

  • Actively engage students in their own learning
  • Systematically develop students learning skills so that they become increasingly independent.
  • Use assessments for learning techniques to help students to reflect on what they know and to set targets for the future.

Our on-going programme of professional development ensures that our teachers are up-to-date with the latest teaching methodologies and development in the curriculum.


Meet our Faculty



Ritu Arora

An educationist should build the capacity of the spirit for enquiry, creativity, entrepreneurial skills and moral leadership among students and help them identify a role model. Guiding them at a young age helps these be a part of their being and allows them to grow into individuals who are holistically developed. Life measures character, leadership and perseverance and we help children nurture these with integrity. They grow up to be rainbows for every cloud wherever they go. It is my effort to create an impact that has a lasting impression to influence every young life to be a part of the society with a passion to be honest, progressive and helpful.



Shemane Pereira
 Boarding Academic Coordinator

‘Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found in not finishing the activity but doing it.’ – Greg Anderson
Ms. Shemane Pereira joined GEMS Akademia International School as the Boarding Academic Coordinator in April 2016. With 28 years of teaching behind her, she has a vision to provide a happy, caring, stimulating environment in which children can recognise and achieve their fullest potential. She guides her team with great enthusiasm, providing strategies for the improvement of the students.
A gentle yet firm approach has enabled Shemane to be accepted by the students of Gems Akademia International, as well as by the Management and Faculty.
Shemane strongly believes that children must be taught how to think, not what to think. To enable this the pursuit of knowledge, imagination and innovation is encouraged through a holistic approach in the Boarding Section of Gems Akademia International School.
In conclusion: ‘Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is to never stop questioning!’ - Albert Einstein. There is always hope for change!


Teacher Name


Ms. Varsha Bhattacharya


Ms.Saheli Saha

Bachelors in Multimedia

Ms. Triparna Das

B.A. B.Ed

Ms. Taniya Banerjee


Ms. Seema Dubey

M.A. B.Ed

Ms. Anindita Das Majumder

B.Com. B.Ed

Ms. Polly Ganguly

B.tech B.Ed

Ms. Soma Dey


Ms. Rinky Chakraborty

M.A   B.Ed

Mr. Alok Agarwal


Ms. Subhasree Datta


Ms. Tanima Pahari Das

M.A. , B.Ed

Mr. Tanzim Siddique


Mr. Sanjukta Das

B.C.A. Advanced Diploma in Spanish

Mr. Surya Pratim Ghosh


Ms. Juin Dey

M.A. B.Ed

Mr. Abhay Mishra

M.A B.Ed

Mr. Arka Gupta


Ms. Sudatta Sarkar

M.Sc, B.Ed

Ms. Amit Kumar Polai


Ms. Arohi Roy

M.Com. B.Ed.

Ms. Sourima Chatterjee

M.Com. B.Ed.

Ms. Gargi Roy Choudhury

M.A. B.Ed.

Ms. Chandni Chowdhury

M.A, B.Ed

Ms. Souravi Chatterjee

M.A. B.Ed

Ms. Gouri Bhattacharya

M.Sc.  B.Ed

Ms. Rashmi Kejriwal

M.Com. B.Ed.

Ms. Meghna Ghoshal

M.A.  B.Ed

Ms. Debangshi Kundu


Ms. Soumik Banerjee





Ms. Sreeja Mukherjee

MSW (Master in social work), MA (Master in clinical psychology)


Special Educator


Ms. Shiny Bhattacharya

D.ED in Spl.Ed 

Performing Arts Teacher Name (Torrins Team)


Mr. Kumarjit Roy


Mr. Abhinaba Sinha


Ms.Sreetama Bhattacharya

Piano & Keyboard

Ms. Seemasree Dey



Sports Teacher Name


Mr. Tarun Chakraborty

Sports HOD

Mr. Aniruddha Chakraborty

Cricket Coach

Mr. Soumya Sarkar

Basketball Coach

Mr. Prashant Singh

Badminton Coach